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Starters and snacks

Starters and snacks


In Thailand, snacks are called ของว่าง (khong wang) or อาหารว่าง (ahan wang), which literally translates as "free things" or "free food". One is thus free to enjoy the snack at any time and independently of other dishes.


Due to the importance of street food in the Kingdom and the wide range of opening hours of the various catering establishments, snacks are widely consumed and can represent a significant part of the daily diet.


This is different from the notion of starters as we know them in other cultures where the meal norm is based on a starter-main course-dessert sequence.


Moreover, Thai snacks take many different forms, use a wide variety of ingredients and all kinds of cooking methods.


In this book you will find classics such as fried rolls or satay skewers, but also dishes that are not well known, even within the Kingdom, such as curried pork with quail eggs.


We have thought of perfectionists and those who do not have an Asian grocery shop nearby. The book includes recipes for spring roll wrappers, wontons wrappers and dipping sauces for all types of snacks.


The book is designed as a cooking course and is accompanied by a number of tutorials, for example for cutting crab or folding wontons.


However, if you have any questions about certain recipes, write to us and we will get back to you shortly.


Because cooking is a pleasure to share, all recipes are for two people. They are moderately spicy by Western standards.

  • Détails

    PDF file that can be viewed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. It is compatible with most ebook readers.

    64 pages.

  • Recipes

    Dipping sauces

    Peanut sauce

    Sweet and sour cucumber relish

    Sweet and sour soy sauce

    Sweet chilli sauce

    Spicy tomato and coriander sauce

    Sour and spicy sauce with lemongrass


    Satays and fried cakes

    Red curry paste

    Chicken satay

    Curried fish cakes

    Curried pork with quail eggs


    Fritters and tempura

    Batter with egg and soy sauce

    Calamari fritters

    Batter with lemongrass and kaffir

    Fried marinated chicken

    Tempura batter

    Vegetable tempura


    Spring rolls

    Spring roll wrappers

    Tutorial to wrap spring rolls

    Spring rolls with vegetables

    Spring rolls with pork and prawns

    Spring rolls with beef and bamboo shoots


    Fresh rolls

    Fresh rolls with vegetables

    Fresh rolls with fish, prawns and herbs

    Tutorial to wrap fresh rolls



    Curry puffs with chicken

    Sweet potato puffs with wild pepper leaves

    Tutorial to make puffs


    Wontons and fried toasts

    Wonton wrappers

    Tutorial to fold wontons

    Steamed wontons with pork and prawns

    Fried wontons with quail eggs

    Fried wontons with pork and crab

    Fried toast with pork and prawns


    Stuffed dishes

    Chillies stuffed with prawns

    Chicken wings stuffed with herbs

    Tutorial to debone chicken wings

    Crab stuffed with pork and coriander

    Tutorial for cutting crab


    Marinated meats and fishes

    Sweet pork, marinated and grilled

    Southern style marinated and grilled chicken

    Marinated and grilled fish with lemongrass

    Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

    Tutorial for folding pandan leaves


    Snacks with wild pepper leaves

    Wild pepper leaves with shrimps

    Wild pepper leaves with pork and lemongrass


    Meat and seafood with garlic and pepper

    Fried beef with garlic and pepper

    Soft shell crab fried with garlic and coriander

    Tutorial for cleaning soft shell crab

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